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Delta Innovations

Meta-Covid19 Era

we are restructuring and adjusting our products and services to the meta-covid19 era. 

The meta-covid19 landscape is full of new opportunities and needs. We are developing and rolling out new technologies, new solutions, new business concepts and new investment solutions to address the metacovid19 era challenges.
Stay tuned...

Research and

Continuous research and new, disruptive, solutions development is a necessity to drive the society and economy forward.
We develop our own solutions as well as on demand for selected partners.


Nowadays demand for imediate product development and launch, puts pressure on traditional product development schemes.
We provide lean and flexible contract manufacturing services from prototype to launch.


The global economic turmoil and collapsed yields in traditional investments demand a new investment approach for positive outcome.
We engineer and implement investment solutions  characterised by disruption and high yields

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